"William Giraldi’s Busy Monsters is rammed with life.  A kind of elegiac intensity, remarkable for so young a man, pervades its harmonies.” 
                                                                                     — Harold Bloom

“Busy Monsters is superb.  Comic writing of the first rank and prose every serious writer should envy for its anarchic ingenuity.”

                                                                             — Walter Kirn

“Take the amped-up lyrical braggadocio of the American South and join it to a sly, at times Nabokovian celebration of psychological obsession. Add a pinch of O'Connor, a dash of Hannah, heat with an imagination reared in both the canon and its rock & roll antipodes.  Busy Monsters is an unforgettable achievement by one of our most important young chroniclers of anguish and bliss." 
                                                                          —  Sven Birkerts

“Only Barry Hannah and early Martin Amis can match Giraldi at the level of the distressed but truthful sentence.  Busy Monsters wails with the urgency of rock and roll.”

                                                                         —  Steve Almond
AUGUST        2011